Radonc/BME Medical Image and
Computational Analysis Laboratory
Sharmistha Chaudhuri
MS in Biomedical Engineering, 2010

Research Interests:
  • Brain Cancer Spread and Recurrence
  • Automatic brain segmentation
  • Level Sets Analysis
  1. Close Research Collaborators
    1. W. O'Dell (Radiation Oncology Research);
    2. D. Davis (Radiology Research);
    3. P. Okunieff (Clinical Rad Onc);

  2. Conference Presentations (3 presentations)
    1. Chaudhuri S, Krishnan A, Raman D, Ambrosini R, Davis D, O'Dell WG
      Automatic Segmentation of Ventricles & Outer Brain Contour in Human Brain MR Images using Level Sets
      BMES Scientific Meeting and Exhibition (PS-8B-106), Pittsburgh PA, October 2009
    2. Chaudhuri S, Krishnan AP, Raman D, O'Dell WG
      Automatic Segmentation of ventricles in human brain MR images using Mumford-Shah level set method
      13th Annual Wilmot Cancer Center Scientific Symposium, URMC, Rochester NY, October 2008
    3. Krishnan AP, Chaudhuri S, Davis DD, Okunieff P, O'Dell WG
      Preliminary results of the effects of higher order reconstruction on Diffusion MRI data on our predictive model for tumor recurrence
      16th Annual ISMRM Scientific Meeting (#5545 -Eposter), Toronto CA, May 2008

Extracurricular -- Married December 2009