Radonc/BME Medical Image and
Computational Analysis Laboratory
Robert Ambrosini
MD/PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering
PhD completed in August 2009

Research Interests:
  • Tumor detection, growth and oligometastases
  • 3D nodule detection from CT & MRI
  • Validation by simulated 3D tumor models
  • Tumor growth rates, time of inception, response to Rx

  1. Close Research Collaborators
    1. W. O'Dell (Radiation Oncology Research);
    2. D. Davis (Radiology Research);
    3. P. Wang (Medical physics)
    4. P. Okunieff (Clinical Rad Onc);
    5. J. Schildkraut (Carestream Health, Inc.)

  2. Publications: (3 first-author manuscripts, 1 in preparation)
    1. Ambrosini R, Wang P, O'Dell WG
      Computer-Aided Detection of Metastatic Brain Tumors Using Automated 3-D Template Matching
      Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, (January) 31(1):85-93, 2010
    2. Ambrosini R, O'Dell WG
      Realistic simulated lung nodule dataset for testing CAD detection and sizing.
      accepted for Proceedings of SPIE Medical Imaging, San Diego, CA, Feb 2010
    3. Ambrosini R, Wang P, O'Dell WG
      Volume change determination of metastatic lung tumors in CT images using 3-D template matching.
      Proceedings of SPIE Medical Imaging [#7260-112], Orlando, FL, Feb 2009

  3. Conference Presentations
    1. Chaudhuri S, Krishnan A, Raman D, Ambrosini R, Davis D, O'Dell WG
      Automatic Segmentation of Ventricles & Outer Brain Contour in Human Brain MR Images using Level Sets
      BMES Scientific Meeting and Exhibition (PS-8B-106), Pittsburgh PA, October 2009
    2. Ambrosini R, Wang P, O'Dell WG
      MR Brain 3D Contouring Using Atlas Matching and Snake Edge Detection Combined Approach
      17th ISMRM Scientific Meeting and Exhibition (#2604), Honolulu, Hawaii, April 2009
    3. Ambrosini R, Wang P, O'Dell WG
      Computer-Aided Detection of Metastatic Brain Tumors Using Automated 3-D Template Matching
      16th ISMRM Scientific Meeting and Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 2008
    4. MSTP National Conference (Keystone CO, '07)
    5. 2006 Western New York Bioscience Summit, October 5 - 6 ,Rochester, New York
    6. IEEE Western New York Image Processing Workshop 2006, Rochester, NY September 29th
            (2nd Place in Student Paper Contest)
    7. Carestream Health in collaboration with Ambrosini R, Davis D, Okunieff P, Schell M, Waldman D, Broder J, Whitbeck G, Valvo J, Lanzafame R, Pennino R, Eichel L, Gangemi R
      Configurable Clinical Workflow Solutions
      Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, November 2008
    8. Weil R, DiVincenzo J, Marzec G, Schaertel D, Squilla J, Owen J, Subramanian R, Bhole C, Messing R, Pal C, Ambrosini R, Schell MC, Okunieff P, Davis D, Waldman D
      Managing Medical Record Data
      Scientific Conference in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT), Rochester, NY, June 2008
    9. Ambrosini R, Wang P, Victor J, Sobe N, O'Dell WG
      Automatic Detection and Sizing of Metastatic Brain Tumors Using 3D Template Matching
      47th Annual AAPM Meeting (SU-FF-I-2), Seattle WA, July 2005

  4. Extracurricular -- Played for 2 URMC championship softball teams